This pattern testing thing is sure getting me to dive deep into my stash fabrics!  It is also making me have a sewing timetable, where I have to get them done, so it is has been a great impetus to […]


I am not a big fan of going outside when it is cold out (I obviously live in the wrong climate). However, we do occasionally venture outside for some winter outside activities…as long as they don’t take too long. We […]


Suuuuuuuper exciting, I know! In the interest of trying to keep to my 2015 goals in trying to sew up some of my fabric stash, I made Anya jammies instead of going off to buy some $14 jammies at Target.  […]


Anya informed me that their 4th grade school performance was to be a 50’s/60’s theme.  She actually gave me a good month head’s up to let me know about it.  I think she is finally getting clued in that I […]


Part of the fun of making costumes, whether for cosplay or Halloween, is that I like to try new things to make them more authentic.  In making the Connor costume for Kai, there are LOTS of new things to try. […]


Well, by her anyways. I tested for this dress for Simple Life Pattern Company, since she needed a size 10 tester.  I want to try to use up some of my quilting cotton stash that is just sitting there in […]


Time for another World’s Toughest Rodeo!   We made sure Kai had his allergy meds before we went to the rodeo, and he was good to go!  Both kids got soda and other sugary treats so they would be able […]


Yet again I tested a pattern. Actually two this time.  Anya thought the top looked cool, so I volunteered to test and got picked for it. I really don’t mind testing too much, as long as they give me at […]


It has been quiet here, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working.  It is actually my busy time at my day job, but I also am teaching a sewing class at church, I have been testing a few […]


I wasn’t sure what to call this.  Basically, it is a tutorial on how to draft and make a shirt where the yoke is enclosed.  This helps protect precious princess skin from irritating seams. I try to deter the complaints […]


The girl is currently playing volleyball, and she also has gymnastics on Saturday mornings, so she asked me to make her some pants that would go over those clothes. It is coooooooollllddd out there, man. So cold, my car battery […]


My family knows me so well. For my birthday in December they all gave me gift cards for Michael’s craft store, which amounted to around a $100 all together.  I finally had a chance to go do a little shopping, […]

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