After wasting many hours today, with most of my evening spent figuring out how to install a database, it appears to be working. I believe we have a winner!  Let me know if you can’t see anything or if you […]


So who likes pesto? *me, me, me!* I used to think that pesto needed to have the basic 5 ingredients: basil pine nuts parmesan garlic olive oil Not so! You can make pesto with many other greens and other nuts. […]


Hey, back to Pinterest!  I know it is no longer August, but I made this in August.  I just didn’t get any pictures taken of it. This is my take on this Desingual skirt I found and pinned.  I did […]


This year we made the disastrous judgment call to go to the Renaissance Festival on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  It was the only day that it looked like it would not rain, and we also got there a […]


Although I have been sewing this week…unfortunately, I can’t show what I have sewn for a few months.  It was all for Anya, really cute, and I used actual, honest-to-goodness patterns.  I am hoping to get a few other things […]


I took these pictures when we picked up the kids after their week of fun at their aunt and uncle’s farm.  They got to do lots of fun stuff (petting zoo place, trail ride on horses, waterpark), and didn’t have […]

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