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More retreat sewing

This shirt is one that I sewed up at the retreat.  I copied it off a RTW shirt that I had in my closet that was getting faded and had some holes in the front.  I had it all cut out ahead of time, so I just had to sew it up when I got there.  I did need to try to find a notion for the back cut out area, so I got that while we were fabric shopping.

The cut out is a bit of a fail in my mind.  It isn’t quite even on each side and didn’t go on the open circle silver thing very well.  First try, and all that!  Next time I will have to practice on some scrap fabric first to figure out how best to make it work.


The maxi skirt is my normal maxi skirt pattern, only I cut the pattern up so I could place godets in the two front seams.  I think I had about 2.5 – 3 yards of fabric for this skirt and there wasn’t much left.  I had to piece together a few of the godets, too.

One thing I have found with making maxi skirts is that you need to choose a thicker knit.  This is a pretty thin knit, and it is see-through if I stand in front of a light source.  I can wear a slip with it, but during the summer that is too hot.


Sorry for the crappy pictures, but my camera was not focusing very well this time.

Next up for me is to try to make something with this fabric:


I am thinking of making a kimono sleeve wrap top and a pencil skirt with some flounces sew into some seams.  I am still contemplating.

The kids are off to the relatives for the week on the farm, so I have time to get some things done…hopefully!  I have a mountain of laundry to do after the kids contracted lice from the day camp that they attend.

That was fun!  Not!

I even had it.  Ugh.  That was one thing I didn’t want to cross off of my summer bucket list.  Luckily, in our larger metro area we have a lice removal place.  Totally worth the money to have them take the lice out of our hair.  Now hopefully the other parents at the day camp will be checking their kids and removing the lice.  If you ever have the misfortune, and have a lice removal place near you, I would totally recommend it.

Oh, and then my husband got rear-ended on his way home from getting his head checked out (he’s the only one that didn’t have it).  Kai was in the car with him, and luckily they were unhurt.  The car is another thing, though.

It has been a trying last week!


Our flowers are flowering, and the fish are feasting on all the dang algae that is growing in the pond. I just wish we saw more bees…there do not seem to be as many around the flowers this year.  Having read a story or two about bees disappearing…this makes me concerned for the little creatures.

20140720-DSC_2098 20140720-DSC_2089 20140720-DSC_2097 20140720-DSC_2108 20140720-DSC_2102

More kitties

I had a great time at the Sewing Mamas retreat this past weekend.  Bonus: it was pretty close to me, whereas most everyone else had to drive far or fly in for it.  We went shopping at SR Harris, and I spent too much money on fabric…again.  Then we sewed and gabbed and ate things that were bad for us. :)

I got two pairs of shorts and two shirts done for Kai, this shirt and skort for Anya, and a shirt for me.  A productive weekend!  I will get the rest posted later, but I have this one done.  I had to finish it up with the rhinestones and iron-on.

The shirt is a modified Breeze top.  I made a self lining on the front piece, as I wanted the front to be one solid piece.  I also didn’t do the middle band at the back.  It all worked out fine, though.  Next time I will make the self facing a little longer, though, as it likes to pop up in the neckline.


The iron-on stencil is from the Silhouette store…again.  I mirrored it, because two kitties are better than one.  Amiright??

Apparently so…

Girl:  “That is sooo cute!!”  *squeal*


The skort is a modified Ottobre pants pattern for the top part.  Bottom part and the attached bike shorts are my draft.  I used bias binding another lady brought to the retreat for the bias on the pockets and the bottom hem.

denim-skort-outfit-3denim-skort denim-skort-details

The angel wings iron on was one iron-on I purchased from Michaels.  I cut it up the middle and ironed onto the pockets.


Here is a quick pictoral of what to do to put in rhinestones.  I got mine at Michael’s near their leather section.  I use a leather punch to make the holes and a snap press to cinch it together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I made a few errors in the process of making this.  The skort has a zip fly that is not usable.  I forgot to account for the bike shorts inside, so I didn’t have the fabric in the fly like I should have done.  First draft, so those are always prone to errors.

The back of the top has the elastic all wonky, too.  I was limited to what I had, and I used fold over elastic.  That didn’t lay flat so well…

I will get more pictures hopefully this week of the remaining outfits, so more to come!


With all the rain, there is no doubt the flowers have been happy here.


 Tonight Kai is playing in the Championship game for baseball.  Hopefully, he gets to pitch again (he pitched the first two innings of the last two playoff games and didn’t let any runs get scored).  Brian took both the kids out for some batting practice this past weekend, so hopefully he will also score a run!

Finishing up a muslin

Last Thursday I had a minor surgery, so I was trying to take it easy over the weekend.  I was a bit tired out from the surgery and was not supposed to lift anything heavy.  I did get a chance to finally get some sewing off my table, though.    Standing at my cutting table and sitting at my machines was totally doable. :)

This weekend I also have a sewing retreat, and I hope to get several things sewed up during that time.  I have a few things cut out to work on, so hopefully I can at least get those done!

This is a muslin that I made for the Alexander McQueen knock-off vest, and I didn’t complete it.  It was forlornly sitting there with no lining for several months.  It was time to get that UFO done and off the list.

Side note: I tend to not have a lot of unfinished objects in my sewing room.  I try to get things completed, and if they are not working at all then they get recycled into something else.

I cut out the facing in denim and the lining is in a white satin.



When I cut out the inside collar, I used the pattern piece that I had made for the AQ vest.  I didn’t realize that I had enlarged it for the final vest, so I had some extra fabric.  I made a few small pleats, which gave it a nice design element.


This skirt is my basic maxi skirt, with a small twist.  I cut up the middle of the back and added a godet to give it some extra walking room.  It was a bit tricky getting it to lay right at the top of the “V”, so I had to turn it under, iron and top stitch it.

The stripes are even mostly matching!


The white t-shirt is just a simple one I traced off a RTW shirt I purchased.  Very comfy.


Well, hopefully next week I will have more sewing to show once I am done with the retreat.

Oh, and this is the LAST WEEK of softball and baseball.  Thank goodness!  Finally we will have some free nights during the week for about a month before Football starts up and then Volleyball.  At least the kids are active. :)

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