Another grilling recipe, whereby I try to be creative.  This is great for guests, or just your average Tuesday night. I am not sure I would really call this a “caprese” chicken, since I used Marinara sauce on it instead […]


Haricot verts = skinny green beans A friend made this dish for us on New Years Eve several years ago, and I fell in love.  It has a great sweet, tangy flavor to it and is a wonderful side dish. […]


Ah, summertime.  Time for grilling! I made these on Friday night, along with a marinated pork tenderloin and skewered Vidalia onions.  We served it with a lovely Carlisle Syrah, and then spent the rest of the evening enjoying the night […]


We had a golden birthday over here this month, so *luckily* it was also the year of the friend party.  I would have probably caved on the sleepover if it wasn’t the year she could have her friends over (we […]

I have made this a few times already, so I thought I would finally get some pictures!  I saw the “stuffing” part as a grilled cheese sandwich recipe, so I took it a step further and modified it for a […]

I have gone back and forth over how I update this blog and the content.  I have decided that I am going to move my crafty stuff over to another blog I have had for several years.  It was a […]


This was the last tester version of the Rayann’s Retro top.  The length was pretty close to the original one I did, so you can see she shortened it up.  I made it in an 8 width and 10 length. […]


So, here we are…another pattern test.  Hope you all aren’t getting sick of this yet. Simple Life Pattern Co. – Phoebe I really wasn’t sure the girl would want to wear this, because, yet again…dress.  I figured if I put […]


This pattern testing thing is sure getting me to dive deep into my stash fabrics!  It is also making me have a sewing timetable, where I have to get them done, so it is has been a great impetus to […]


I am not a big fan of going outside when it is cold out (I obviously live in the wrong climate). However, we do occasionally venture outside for some winter outside activities…as long as they don’t take too long. We […]


Suuuuuuuper exciting, I know! In the interest of trying to keep to my 2015 goals in trying to sew up some of my fabric stash, I made Anya jammies instead of going off to buy some $14 jammies at Target.  […]


Anya informed me that their 4th grade school performance was to be a 50’s/60’s theme.  She actually gave me a good month head’s up to let me know about it.  I think she is finally getting clued in that I […]

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