We saw a gaggle on the lake.  The background has a haze from the wildfires in the Canada.  At certain points we could not see clearly across the lake.  It hit our area through the jetstream.  Hopefully, the fires end […]


I am not a big fan of going outside when it is cold out (I obviously live in the wrong climate). However, we do occasionally venture outside for some winter outside activities…as long as they don’t take too long. We […]


Time for another World’s Toughest Rodeo!   We made sure Kai had his allergy meds before we went to the rodeo, and he was good to go!  Both kids got soda and other sugary treats so they would be able […]

Well, hopefully most everyone has gotten our Christmas Card this year, so here it is: Hopefully the cover isn’t too confusing and people get it when they read the quote inside from Charles Dickens.  Too obscure?? The textures on the […]


It is hard to not photograph all the beautifully changing colors around here.   Soon the trees will be bare and the leaves brown and rotting on the ground.  Soon…the ground will be blanketed with a covering of snow. Now is […]


The kids had Thursday and Friday off for MEA (the teacher’s convention that most teachers don’t seem to attend).  Brian took the kids to Feed My Starving Children to pack food on Thursday morning, and then he had to go […]


The Fall color is coming up to it’s apex, and it is a lovely time of the year!


Our flowers are flowering, and the fish are feasting on all the dang algae that is growing in the pond. I just wish we saw more bees…there do not seem to be as many around the flowers this year.  Having read […]


With all the rain, there is no doubt the flowers have been happy here. Tonight Kai is playing in the Championship game for baseball.  Hopefully, he gets to pitch again (he pitched the first two innings of the last two […]


A few of the fireworks from this weekend when we went up north and “camped” in an RV with family.  It was fun, and the kids got to go fishing and have smores, so all is good in the world. […]

Yep, the ducks are still sighted in our backyard.  Eventually we should see some babies, I would assume!

Tonight Kai and I traversed around the lake.  He on his bike and I in my tennis shoes.  I had to walk fast (occassionally jog) to keep up, and got some pretty shots of the lake on a lovely Spring […]

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