Photography Tips

Theme Thursday – Laughter Easy peasy! ***** If you don’t know what a Wacom is, it is a tablet mouse.  You use a special pen on a flat screen-like contraption and it functions as a mouse, but so much more […]

Theme Thursday – Projects  Hopefully this isn’t too hard.  This can relate to a photography project, a home project, or one of your kiddos projects.  We have about 500 pieces of paper lying around with drawing projects, so if you […]

Theme Thursday: Thankful Since Thanksgiving is a Thursday, and I for one will be out of town horfing loads of yummy food into my maw, I think we should take the day off.  Sound good?  This Thursday is the next […]

Theme Thursday – Create ***** When I first started learning photography I focused on trying to learn how to work this oversized toy.  After shooting many, many, many frames I feel pretty confident shooting in most lighting situations.  I need […]

Theme Thursday:  Storyteller ***** When you look at a photo you truly love, whether you have taken it or not, what is it about that photo that moves you?  Most likely there is some sort of connection in the photo […]

Theme Thursday: Sunshine ***** Lens flare can either be a problem or an artistic intent.  I found a great tutorial online about how sunflare is created in the camera.  That tutorial addresses sunflare as mostly a problem and how to avoid it. […]

Theme Thursday – Multiples I’m reaching okay?? 😉 ***** By far, the most time consuming part of my photography is processing all the pictures I have taken.  It’s easier with my kids, since I don’t feel the need to process […]

Theme Thursday – Playtime I would have chosen “memories” as the theme if I hadn’t already chosen “memory” previously.  Hopefully this one won’t be too hard! ***** So how many of you have actually printed any pictures in the last […]

Theme Thursday – Friendship ***** I have tips from last year showing how to make borders on a picture.  This is very much along the same lines.  Storyboards can be really any size you want.  Generally I like the 10×20 size.  […]

Theme Thursday – Antique ***** Sometimes I’m just finicky.  I’m not sold on the color and black and white seems too stark.  On those occassions I decide to walk the tightrope and veer into the middle ground.  This is the […]

Theme Thursday  – EYES ***** Oh eye contact, why do you elude me??  I have been trying and trying to get some eye contact over here.  Yes, I love walking away and contemplative looks as much as anyone else…but there is […]

Theme Thursday – fashion Kids have their own fashion sense, now don’t they? 😉  **** If you look at the websites of some of the better photographers out in Internet land, you will notice that they have a certain style […]

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