Prince Kailan

We are on the tail end of football here, with Kai’s last regular season game on Saturday.  It will then go into playoffs! Last weekend was positively frigid.  It was in the 40’s with a bit of a wind that […]

The kids finished up their softball and baseball seasons, and we had our nights and weekends free for two whole weeks before football starts up on us this week. Kai’s team this past year was less challenging that the year […]

Tonight Kai and I traversed around the lake.  He on his bike and I in my tennis shoes.  I had to walk fast (occassionally jog) to keep up, and got some pretty shots of the lake on a lovely Spring […]

Kai decided to try football this year, and we were game to get him into a new sport.  We explained the whole, “You will very likely get hurt at some point”, for our pain-averse child.  He has gotten some hard […]

This past weekend we were visiting my family for a birthday party for my cousin’s little girl.  We stayed overnight, and in the morning Kailan got to shoot his compound bow that Grandpa and Grandma got him for his 7th […]

Ah, it is that time of year where kids travel from house to house with sacks ready to ransack the candy supply.  They get to dress up in their favorite character and eat lots of candy.  Oh, and the candy […]

Kailan got 4 new fish from the pet store after we couldn’t find anymore survivors in the pond. Unfortunately, one of them didn’t make it a week. Kailan is such a soft heart, and got teary-eyed when he found Dragon […]

It is soccer season.  This year Kailan decided to do soccer instead of football or swimming. We actually talked him out of football.  It requires having at least some sort of pain tolerance.  As he has little to none, we […]

Last week was a bit of a bust in the picture department.  I didn’t get my camera out much at all.  I was busy sewing and reading. I did, however, capture this gem:  I am grateful for our little Kailan, […]

I had these things cut out for Kailan for about a month, so I put them all together at the same time.  That way it only took me an afternoon to make him two pair of pants and two shirts.  […]

Well, it has been about two weeks since Kailan’s RAD Zoo lizard party, and I think we are finally recovered. We had 16 kids total (4 girls and 12 boys). Several lizards. And Sugar. Parents dropping off their kids were saying how […]

Kailan is turning 8 years old today, and yet again…another year has just flown by! Last night I balloon-bombed his room, so he would wake up to something fun. After school we will be taking him to the bowling alley […]

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