Princess Anya

We had a golden birthday over here this month, so *luckily* it was also the year of the friend party.  I would have probably caved on the sleepover if it wasn’t the year she could have her friends over (we […]

The kids finished up their softball and baseball seasons, and we had our nights and weekends free for two whole weeks before football starts up on us this week. Kai’s team this past year was less challenging that the year […]

Well, heeeeeeeyyyyyy there! Yes…a blog post! *fist pump* I kind of had to, though, since we have a Birthday Girl over here!   The big EIGHT years old today, and oh how excited she was for her birthday present…getting her […]

Hey, I have it done on time! Go me! This week’s theme is an outfit for Valentine’s Day.  Anya is all about hearts, so this is a good one for her. The top is a self-drafted top.  I drew up […]

Ah, it is that time of year where kids travel from house to house with sacks ready to ransack the candy supply.  They get to dress up in their favorite character and eat lots of candy.  Oh, and the candy […]

This summer was a great summer to get excited about gymnastics.  The kids watched the Olympic competitions in rapt attention, and Anya COULD. NOT. WAIT. until her classes started up again. Well, we started a few weekends ago, and I […]

She’s a firecracker, this one! Last week when we were on the zoo trip, a few of the moms and I were talking about the hormonal 7 year old girls.  I had to concur!  Somedays she is great and then […]

After many times of Anya asking to be signed up for gymnastics, we finally got her in a class.  Her third class was on Saturday and I had fun watching her while she was busy.  The older girls were also doing […]

Well, Anya’s first gymnastics class went pretty well.  She hit her nose with her knee somehow on the trampoline and also hurt her leg.  BUT she did enjoy herself!  I didn’t hear her cry at all and only noticed the […]

This is fast becoming a nightly ritual for the girl.  She goes up to bed and sequesters Kitty in her room by closing her door.  She places Kitty on her bed and then reads several books to her.  Kitty doesn’t […]

Staff Comment from their summer camp: It is so cute to see Kailan and Anya get along so well at camp!

  Kailan chose a shower instead of running through the sprinkler on an 85 degree, humid Sunday night.  Clearly he didn’t know what he was missing.

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