Sewing for the boy

Time for another World’s Toughest Rodeo!   We made sure Kai had his allergy meds before we went to the rodeo, and he was good to go!  Both kids got soda and other sugary treats so they would be able […]


If you saw the image from the football game, then you saw the boys all bundled up and cold.  Kai said his ears were frozen by the end of the game.  He tried to put a stocking cap under his helmet, […]


One of the things that I wanted to get done at the sewing retreat were some cargo shorts for Kai.  They are time consuming to do, with all the pockets and topstitching, so I figured getting some dedicated sewing time […]

The camp that the children go to for a few weeks over the summer has a tie dye activity.  Every. Single. Week. Really, how many tie dye t-shirts does a kid need?  Kai already did a tie-dyed t-shirt as part […]


This week, I am up over at Gracious Threads (oops, guess it is next week!)  for her Embellish is for Boys series.  She is showing some great options for making boy clothes more fun! I am showing how to use vinyl […]

Kai’s choice for Wizard World was to be a Wizard from Clash of Clans: Whoohoo!  Fairly easy costume! I already had some blue fabric for the pants, so I made him a pair of navy pants from an Ottobre pattern.  I […]

Kai is a little addicted to the game Clash of Clans.  It is on Brian’s phone, so he doesn’t get to play it too often. I guess you could say that Brian AND Kai are playing the game.  It is […]

Well, I have been sewing, but we have also been a bit busy over here.  Kai had his 4th grade performance, whereby we all got to listen to the wildly entertaining, and often off-key, recorders.  Then we saw something more […]

As per the usual for the last few years, the kids did not want me to make their Halloween costumes.  Kai wanted to go as a Transformer.  He really wanted a “bad guy” Transformer, but I couldn’t find any in […]

Each year before we go to the Renaissance Festival, I ask the kids what they want to go as (usually knight, knight, pirate, etc.).  Kai wanted to go as a knight this year, but not much fit him from previous […]

I normally don’t make pajamas for the kids, since they just aren’t that interesting to make.  However, when you have an excessive amount of fabric…jammies sound like a good thing to sew. I had bought this kitty fabric for Anya […]

So…yeah…work has been kicking my fanny this year.  I have been taking my computer home most days, so sewing at night has not been happening.  Now I am really glad that I didn’t get a place in this season’s line […]

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