Sewing for me
2014-11-21 21.27.54

Well, it is cold here.  That dang Polar Vortex hit earlier this year, but right now it feels like April.  A brief reprieve for the bone chilling cold that is sure to come back soon. Thus…warm scarves! I made them […]

There was another call for pattern testing that looked like something I might like to wear, so I held my hand up.  There were a few issues with the bodice, but she got it figured out with help from the […]


When I drew this design up, it was supposed to be the wings on a Phoenix.  Or the tail.  I forget.  I drew it at some point last fall (as in over a year ago, fall) when I was watching […]


Apparently, I was in a grey mood when I bought these fabrics!  Serendipity, as less than 48 hours later we got our first snowfall and the skies were a leaden grey for days. I guess winter has arrived. I went […]

scrollwork copy

In the spring, I received a prize for participating in Skirt Fixation’s Adult Create Contest.  I got 4th place, and they selected a very personalized gift for me.  A gift certificate to Spoonflower.  Perfect!  I knew I wanted to create […]


When I saw this blue and white fabric in the store, I grabbed it post haste.  It is beautiful, had a great hand and a nice stretch to it.  It feels like cotton, but it is a bit thicker and […]


I belong to a group on Facebook for testing patterns, which I am not overly active in.   A lot of the patterns are for younger kids, or not something my kids would wear, so I tend to not test. […]


This past weekend I had some time to sew, so I made up a few things for myself.  One of these was a shirt that was supposed to be the muslin for another shirt I wanted to make.  It didn’t […]


We are heading into the lovely grey days of Autumn, where it tends to rain a bit and then snow a bit. Not looking forward to either, especially after the beautiful weekend we had. I took these shots right before it […]


Hey, back to Pinterest!  I know it is no longer August, but I made this in August.  I just didn’t get any pictures taken of it. This is my take on this Desingual skirt I found and pinned.  I did […]


This shirt is one that I sewed up at the retreat.  I copied it off a RTW shirt that I had in my closet that was getting faded and had some holes in the front.  I had it all cut […]


Last Thursday I had a minor surgery, so I was trying to take it easy over the weekend.  I was a bit tired out from the surgery and was not supposed to lift anything heavy.  I did get a chance […]

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