We had a golden birthday over here this month, so *luckily* it was also the year of the friend party.  I would have probably caved on the sleepover if it wasn’t the year she could have her friends over (we […]


Part of the fun of making costumes, whether for cosplay or Halloween, is that I like to try new things to make them more authentic.  In making the Connor costume for Kai, there are LOTS of new things to try. […]

I had thought that I wouldn’t put out my goals/resolutions for 2015, but Here It Goes: 1.  In 2014 I sewed up around 120 items and 140 yards of fabric.  This is my (very messy) fabric closet today. Goal:  Quit […]

My computer where all my pictures reside is currently thoroughly infected with a/some viruses.  Not sure how that happened, but I have accidentally clicked on some shady Pinterest and Facebook links.  It must have happened through one of those venues. […]


After wasting many hours today, with most of my evening spent figuring out how to install a database, it appears to be working. I believe we have a winner!  Let me know if you can’t see anything or if you […]


So LAST YEAR at the Sewing Mama’s retreat I made this shirt.  It was the first thing I made, and I loved how it turned out.  I got home and the Little Miss tried it on. Too tight in the […]


This shirt is one that I sewed up at the retreat.  I copied it off a RTW shirt that I had in my closet that was getting faded and had some holes in the front.  I had it all cut […]


I made this lovely little knit/stretch lace capri joggers for Anya to tie-dye at the camp.  I used parts of an Ottobre pattern, but the legs on it are a bit off.  I will need to adjust that a bit next […]


Today I am over at Gracious Threads for her Embellish is for Boys series with this outfit for Kai. Notice how dry our backyard is in this photo?  Yeah…that is SO NOT THE CASE right now.  I am guessing we […]

We had to good way to try to remember summer and warm temperatures last weekend…The World’s Toughest Rodeo! I bought the tickets right away, and got excellent seats for us.  We were nice and close to the action, and were […]

On New Year’s Eve, we went over to a friend’s house.  It was a fun, kid-friendly party, and they had a new type of karaoke machine.  It is an amplifier speaker, with a microphone stand in it, that you can […]

This is what the big pond looks like right now.  Not to worry…the spring rains and the sump pump will fill it up to full by the time we put the fish in it again. Brian did the hard work […]

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