By . Published on July 11, 2015

Oh the kids had fun with this! Our friend has a big fishing boat that can go out on the open water on Lake Michigan.  It has a large motor, and it worked VERY well in the tubing department.  He […]



By . Published on July 9, 2015

On the 4th of July weekend, we went up a little early to our friend’s cabin in the great northwoods.  Our friend had his big fishing boat that he usually docks on Lake Michigan for serious fishing (a.k.a. Salmon).  Luckily […]

I have gone back and forth over how I update this blog and the content.  I have decided that I am going to move my crafty stuff over to another blog I have had for several years.  It was a […]


I am not a big fan of going outside when it is cold out (I obviously live in the wrong climate). However, we do occasionally venture outside for some winter outside activities…as long as they don’t take too long. We […]


Time for another World’s Toughest Rodeo!   We made sure Kai had his allergy meds before we went to the rodeo, and he was good to go!  Both kids got soda and other sugary treats so they would be able […]


It was time for our annual family pictures.  This time we got all dressed up smartly, and drove downtown to the government center.  Anya’s outfit is the one I made her from Stylo, I made my skirt and shirt and […]


The kids had Thursday and Friday off for MEA (the teacher’s convention that most teachers don’t seem to attend).  Brian took the kids to Feed My Starving Children to pack food on Thursday morning, and then he had to go […]


We are on the tail end of football here, with Kai’s last regular season game on Saturday.  It will then go into playoffs! Last weekend was positively frigid.  It was in the 40’s with a bit of a wind that […]


This year we made the disastrous judgment call to go to the Renaissance Festival on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  It was the only day that it looked like it would not rain, and we also got there a […]


I took these pictures when we picked up the kids after their week of fun at their aunt and uncle’s farm.  They got to do lots of fun stuff (petting zoo place, trail ride on horses, waterpark), and didn’t have […]

The kids finished up their softball and baseball seasons, and we had our nights and weekends free for two whole weeks before football starts up on us this week. Kai’s team this past year was less challenging that the year […]


On Friday I got off work a little early, so I thought I would try to get down to the lake and see how high it might have gotten from the rainstorm/monsoon on Wednesday night into Thursday afternoon. I was luckily able […]

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