With all the rain, there is no doubt the flowers have been happy here. Tonight Kai is playing in the Championship game for baseball.  Hopefully, he gets to pitch again (he pitched the first two innings of the last two […]

A few more pictures to catch me up… We got the fairy garden planted and I am grateful that we can do these things together.  It is very cute. 🙂 Grateful for funny things happening…like these ducks thinking our ponds […]

This Spring, we will turn the little garden by the kids’ playset into a fairy garden.  It usually ends up unused and derelict all summer.  There are a few iris that have been planted, but for the most part it has […]

Our first water lily.  Apparently, water lilies are an annual in our area because it gets too cold for them.  Like the goldfish…they were able to hibernate in our pond this winter and came back to life.  Yay..for saving money […]

Oh boy was that ever fun.  We went to our local landscaping store and ordered the extra 14 yards of mulch we thought we would need to finish up, knowing that we would need to wait for them to get […]

Your weekly dose of what’s growing and blooming in our garden. Weeds…yes, these lovely flowers are weeds.  Is is apparent why I haven’t yanked them all out yet? This is a perennial that I planted late last summer and I […]

This was the weekend project. As  you can see…6 yards of mulch wasn’t enough.  We went back and ordered 14 more to be delivered this week.  Hopefully that will be enough.  Brian is taking the day off on Friday to […]



By . Published on June 22, 2011

I love it when the peonies bloom…wish they lasted a bit longer.

I did not get anything accomplished in the sewing room this past week.  Reason?  Summer decided to arrive!  And I worked out everyday during the week last week!  Due to these factors, I did not sequester myself in the sewing […]

We have a few of these bushes in our yard, and in the Fall they turn into a deep rich red.  These bushes are some of the few that are still holding onto their pretty leaves.  This Fall has actually been […]

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