This summer was a great summer to get excited about gymnastics.  The kids watched the Olympic competitions in rapt attention, and Anya COULD. NOT. WAIT. until her classes started up again.

Well, we started a few weekends ago, and I figured her leo from last spring would not fit her.  I picked up a discounted Kwik Sew pattern and tried it out with some remnant material I had.  (FYI – Kwik Sew was bought by McCall’s so they are discontinuing the nice heavy paper patterns for the tissue paper patterns.  I got the paper pattern at a discount.)

I modified the pattern a little bit.  I used a different back on it, since it had a back closure.  I didn’t want to deal with any sort of closure on the leotard.  I made the neckline different and larger in the back, and finished off the edges with fold-over elastic.  It mostly fit…she just needed a little more booty coverage.  Thus, the shorts, which do still fit from last spring.

I made another one with fabric Aunt Susie gave me and tried to get a design factor in it, so it wasn’t quite so plain.  Next time I will attempt rhinestones, since this one did fit a bit better.  She complained about the seam across the front, though.  I can’t win for losing, I tell ya!

Here she is in the new and improved facility.  They added on and actually added a waiting space for the parents, which was really nice.  I bet they got an increase in kids wanting to try it after the Olympics, so their addition was well-timed!