This past weekend we were visiting my family for a birthday party for my cousin’s little girl.  We stayed overnight, and in the morning Kailan got to shoot his compound bow that Grandpa and Grandma got him for his 7th birthday.

He doesn’t get to shoot it very often, but he does really enjoy it.

He loves to shoot things.  As boys do.

I found out that there is an archery range nearby, so we should be able to bring in back home with us next spring when the weather is warmer.  The range is outside, and so that means he is pretty much done for this year.

In keeping with this archery theme, I made him this outfit on Sunday when we got back.

I am using Ottobre 6/2009 #27 for the pants and 1/2010 #24 for the shirt.  This time I actually lined the pants with a knit, as the pattern intends.  It would have helped to look at the directions.  I put the lining in wrong…twice.

The shirt has a stencil I drew, using freezer paper like I normally do for these things.  I tried to mix the paint to match the camo fabric and really dark green on the shoulder pieces.  I tend to mix most of the fabric paint I use.  I have the primary colors, white, black and some other specialty ones that I can use straight out (like several pinks and neon green).

The edges of the shoulder pieces have leather sewn into them.  These are the hide edges, so they are a bit gnarly.  I wanted a gnarly edge for this hunting themed shirt.

Kailan was pretty happy with the outfit, too.  With all the browns, creams, and olive greens he is getting a wardrobe that is easier for him to match up.

However…I have taken it upon myself to put his pants and shirts together on the hangers.  Otherwise, he tries to match them himself and that NEVER goes well! 😉