So LAST YEAR at the Sewing Mama’s retreat I made this shirt.  It was the first thing I made, and I loved how it turned out.  I got home and the Little Miss tried it on.

Too tight in the sleeves.


I thought that I had put it downstairs on my sewing table.  When I went to fix it, I could not find it.  I even looked through her closet.  Several times!  Well, apparently I didn’t look well enough.

A few weeks ago, one of her friends was combing through her closet looking for something to dress up with, and she came across the shirt!

I thought for sure it ended up in a giveaway bag and was long gone.

So here it is!  Finally!

She liked a shirt I had with pleather insets at the top, so I made this for a similar look.  She loves zebra print, so that is the main fabric, plus stretch lace on the bottom in three layers.


I bound the edges with the zebra print as this black lamé fabric tended to run if stretched too much.  The back actually has some run marks in it.


I ended up re-binding the sleeves in a black lycra knit, as I couldn’t find any of the remaining zebra knit.  After a year or so things tend to disappear.

She was pleased!

…just ignore the fact that part of the peplum circle skirt is tucked into the waistband of her shorts 😉