Tonight Kai and I traversed around the lake.  He on his bike and I in my tennis shoes.  I had to walk fast (occassionally jog) to keep up, and got some pretty shots of the lake on a lovely Spring evening.

Dad and Anya were at softball practice, so they were enjoying the weather, too.   Ah yes, baseball, softball, baseball, softball…our seasons has begun!

Kai and Anya have finally (FINALLY!) figured out how to navigate their bikes and keep them upright.  It has been a long process and now they are happy to get out and bike.  Guess who is getting a new bike for her birthday?  She has been using Kai’s Transformers bike.  She wants a new bike for some reason??

We haven’t bought her a new one, since they would only try to ride the bike one or two times a summer.  She is excited about riding it now, so it is time to upgrade from the Dora one we got her years ago.  Like…at least 4 years ago.

So…anyways…Kai wanted to go for a bike ride, and it sounded like a good idea.  Exercise, fresh air and pictures!

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