I made this lovely little knit/stretch lace capri joggers for Anya to tie-dye at the camp.  I used parts of an Ottobre pattern, but the legs on it are a bit off.  I will need to adjust that a bit next time I use that pattern.  The white lace on it is the same lace as the Breeze top I posted earlier this week, and she is wearing them with it below.  This was the white lace that I got for free from Fabric.com, since they kept on sending me the wrong stuff.  I got lots of white stretch lace.

Last week they did the tie-dye on Wednesday, so I had to do some last minute sewing when they told me that on Tuesday morning (like usual).  Kai just got a piece of twill fabric, since I didn’t have time to do more than that, and he wanted shorts for his project.  Pretty much impossible for me to cut and get a pair of cargo shorts done in part of an evening.


When they got home, I asked to see how they turned out.

Urchins:  “We had to leave them at camp to dry.”

Me: “Ah…what?  There are supposed to be storms tonight.  Exactly how are they supposed to dry?”

Urchins: “Well…our counselors said to leave them there.”


Yeah, so this is what happens when 7″ or so of rain falls on tie-dye clothes that are “drying”:


I was kinda hoping that stretch lace wouldn’t take the dye, but it did.  Still cute, but would have been better with the white lace on top of the “tie-dye”.  Kai’s fabric turned out less pastel-y, since I gave him cream twill.  I just need to get that sewn up now.  It is mostly light yellows and greens, so his didn’t all run together.


I had to wash them twice because they were full of DIRT.  Wet dirt is just so much fun to get out of clothes.  Part of the camp was underwater on Thursday, so they didn’t get them back until Friday when the counselors went back to retrieve them.  The kids were able to access parts of the camp on Friday, but said a lot was underwater.

No more drought in our state after that last rainstorm, though.  Everything is very green around here…especially the weeds!