On Friday I got off work a little early, so I thought I would try to get down to the lake and see how high it might have gotten from the rainstorm/monsoon on Wednesday night into Thursday afternoon.

I was luckily able to get across the path, but the water was up to the edge, and at one point it was clearly underwater.


Then, I came across water going across a path from the swamp to the lake.  There were baby fish trying to cross and they were getting stuck on the shallow part on the path.  I’m sure they came from the lake and were trying to get back.  I saved the half dozen or so that were still alive, and then came back with the kids when they got back from camp.

20140620-DSC_1593 20140620-DSC_1594

I don’t know how many they rescued from beaching themselves and flopping around.  I would say at least 20, but probably more…maybe 30-40.  We were there for at least a half an hour saving the ones that would try to cross.


At first Anya didn’t want to get them off the ground.  They are wet and wiggly, so she was being a girl about it. 😉


Kai would get them cupped in his palm and throw them into the lake, and he would also give them to Anya to throw in the lake.  Eventually, she got over her squeamishness and was able to get them off the ground while they were wiggling around.


I think it is important to teach kids to notice the little creatures of the world and to help them if you can.  It translates to how you treat others that can do nothing for you.  When I came across the fish there were several people that just walked by while they were flopping around and trying to get across.  Being able to see the least of us is something I hope our kids learn.