The kids finished up their softball and baseball seasons, and we had our nights and weekends free for two whole weeks before football starts up on us this week.

Kai’s team this past year was less challenging that the year before, as this year the kids split off into travel and in-house teams.  We didn’t have him try out for travel, as we weren’t sure how much time we would have for running around with Brian as the in-house softball commissioner.  This meant he was one of the best players on the team and some of the other kids were less than motivated.  They did end up going into the championship game, with Kai as the lead off pitcher.  His nerves got to him, and he wasn’t pitching his best, unfortunately.  That happens.

They ended up losing the championship, which was not undeserved.  The other team was much better at fielding the ball, so they deserved to be the champions.  Hopefully, next year he will be on a team that challenges him better and he can grow his skills.  This year that just was not possible.


As for Anya’s year, well, the girls did get better over the course of the season.  With Daddy as her coach, she was starting to get better at fielding and this was the first year of them pitching.  She did alright, but needs a bit of work in pitching and hitting.  Many of the girls were in the same boat, though.  At least she paid attention for the most part!

There are not a lot of girls in softball, so she played games with local towns and there were two grades together in their teams.  There was quite the height difference in some of the teams, where it didn’t seem possible those girls were in that age bracket.  She did have one girl on her team that towered above the rest, too.  Must be a growth spurt for those years!

They did not make it far in the playoffs and lost the first two games.  That was unfortunate, but I think most of them were ready to be done.  They had fun and that is what is important.  She was also on the team with one of her long-time friends, so they had a good time playing together.


Now football gear pick up and tryouts are this week, so we are onto another sport season.  Anya starts up volleyball in September, so at least she has a little break!