This year we made the disastrous judgment call to go to the Renaissance Festival on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  It was the only day that it looked like it would not rain, and we also got there a few hours after it opened.  History has shown us that this would exponentially increase our time in parking, but we had no idea.

It took us 1.5 hours to park our car once we got into the parking lot.  INSANE.

The parking lot that used to take up many acres and was a straight shot into the fair is currently being open pit mined by the owner of the land.  This has led them to route the traffic alllllll the way around to the other side of the fair, with another road coming in. There were so may people that they had to open up fields that they hadn’t used before.  It also downpoured the day before, so you can imagine that cars were getting stuck.  Not mine, though.  You almost needed an SUV.

When we got into the fair it wasn’t as crowded as we imagined it would be.  Some of the food vendors did run out, but they were nearest the entrance.  I know we were starving when we got in, but mostly I just wanted a beer.  We were supposed to be meeting a few friends, and they had to wait awhile for us to make our way in.  We finally got together, and we all had a great time and my lovely girlfriend got me a beer while I waited in line to get the kids food.  I am sure you can imagine there was some complaining in the backseat while we waited and slowly creeped forward.

Walking up the rope…apparently very difficult as no one was able to do it.

20140830-DSC_2151 20140830-DSC_2152

Anya was being taught how to make some noise with her skirt by the beer wench.


  Success!  In case you couldn’t tell from his expression. 😉20140830-DSC_2170 20140830-DSC_2173

This game was called ‘Vegetable Justice’ and the man threw insults while you tried to hit him.  He didn’t get hit very often, but our little pitcher got him.  It is hard to see, but that red spot is the tomato on target to hit him in the chest.


These are the games that proves just how lenient of a parent you may be: throwing stars and the crossbow.  At least we gave them instruction.

Pick out your throwing stars, Princess.

20140830-DSC_2222  20140830-DSC_2232 20140830-DSC_2241 20140830-DSC_2250

And of course, one must ride a camel or elephant.  It is the one thing they always do.


I am hoping that next year they will figure out a better solution for parking.  I am afraid it will drive people away (namely: ME) with having to wait so long.

(The costumes were ones I made last year, so nothing new!  Kai wore a black t-shirt since it was far too warm for his long-sleeved hooded shirt I made him last year.)