We are heading into the lovely grey days of Autumn, where it tends to rain a bit and then snow a bit.

Not looking forward to either, especially after the beautiful weekend we had.

I took these shots right before it started to rain, and the skies were getting a bit grey.  Definitely a Monday morning.  It was supposed to be a warm day, but the meteorologists corrected that during the night.  I had to tell my kids to change out of their shorts!

This is my Pinterest project for September, and was supposed to be a copy of this Caroline Herrara top:


Yeah, my version looks just like it, doesn’t it??


Oh well, I still have a drapey collar, and it’s satin.  Close enough.


In making this top, I decided to use a princess-seamed pattern that I have drafted and used many, many times.  I didn’t consider how satin lays, though, so lots of seams are not something I would recommend in making a satin top.  I think a boxier pattern with just bust darts would have been better.


I used a sleeve pattern that was not wide enough, unfortunately, so the long fitted sleeve had to go.  At that point I didn’t have enough fabric to cut another sleeve, so it was time to “MacGyver” a new sleeve.  I cut out some rectangles from the meager fabric I had left, cut off the arm above the elbow, which was where it was way too tight, and added the piece at that part of the sleeve.  It has a little pleat at the elbow, and the edges have a long strip of satin that I overlapped in a bit of a random pattern.


The draped collar is a long, wide tube of fabric that goes around the neckline 1.5 times.  I put it on my dress form and figured out where I wanted it draped, sewed it on and then serged the edge.   Not too hard, and it looks pretty cool.

I think anyways. 🙂