We are on the tail end of football here, with Kai’s last regular season game on Saturday.  It will then go into playoffs!

Last weekend was positively frigid.  It was in the 40’s with a bit of a wind that had some moisture in it.   It didn’t rain much, but it definitely wasn’t pleasant.  Hand warmers are a must in these conditions.  I gave Kai a pair of mittens with hand warmers in them, so he could warm them up when he wasn’t on the field.  He also said next time he was going to wear a hat underneath his helmet since his ears were frozen.

Yep, it is going to be another long, cold fall/winter.  We were hoping for a long warmish fall, but it is not looking good for that right now.


We are in the process of getting the fish out of our sump pump pond.  They do not like to go inside into the cramped little tanks.  I spent a half hour with Kai on Sunday trying to get the fish out.  We got about twenty babies and one big fish.  He wasn’t smart.  That is the only reason why I caught him.  Brian drained the pond so it was easier to get them, and retrieved the rest of the adults and babies.


There were a lot of babies.  Last year we found three.  This year we found over forty.

Anyone that needs some goldfish in the Spring, just let us know.  We will have plenty!  They shouldn’t grow too much during the winter, but after a summer in the pond they will grow big.  The ones from last year are adult sized now.  They didn’t grow too much over the winter, but once they got into the pond they grew at least three times their previous size.  They tend to grow to the size of their enclosure.


Of course, our “free” fish were not so free.  We needed another fish tank to hold everyone.  Plus, our oldest fish were just getting too big for those 15 gallon tanks.  It was too crowded.  We ended up buying a 29 gallon tank, and all the accessories.  Yep, $300 later after a trip to Petsmart, we have a new big tank in the living room.  Anya took a bunch of babies for her tank in her room, and Kai has his Leopard fish (the momma), one of the babies from last year and some of the new babies.

It’s all goldfish, all the time, up in here. 😉