My computer where all my pictures reside is currently thoroughly infected with a/some viruses.  Not sure how that happened, but I have accidentally clicked on some shady Pinterest and Facebook links.  It must have happened through one of those venues.

While I cannot post any pictures, I thought I would share what I have been working on/thinking about.

First, off, I was able to get a whole bunch of sewing done for me.  I have two skirts, three tops and two scarves to share with you.  I will get pictures of them up soonish.  I spent most of a Sunday cutting and then sewing.  It was a pretty productive day.  I bought much of those fabrics the day before and washed them right away.

(cell phone picture at the fabric store with a very full cart)


I also pattern tested, and made two wearable mock-ups for that.  I will show them when the pattern is released after Thanksgiving.

The kids needed flannel pants today for school.  That green and gold plaid flannel above was made into a pair of flannel pants for the boy to wear with one of his many Packers shirts.  The girl got a pretty yellow flannel with kitties on it that I had in my stash.  Again…I will post it when I can get the pictures off my good camera.

This weekend is going to be pictures for the Christmas card.  If you are new to my blog…I tend to go overboard with our Christmas card.  I usually make the kids an outfit that goes with the theme of the card, and then I use my amateur graphic design skills to put everything together into a unique card.  I have an idea and can hopefully execute it well.  I just need cooperation from the urchins.

Once the Christmas card is off the list, I am going to start slowly working on Kai’s costume for next year’s Wizard World convention which is here in May.  He is going as Conner from Assassin’s Creed III.  It is pretty involved.  It will involve leatherwork, woodwork, beading, some polymer clay and creative pattern drafting.  I can’t wait. 😀


Anya said she would go as Elsa again, so we will see if she decides on another costume.  I feel like Elsa has been done to death by everyone, so I am going to try to convince her to go as Malificent.  Not until I get Conner done, though…just in case I run out of time.

Hopefully, I can access my computer sometime this next week.  Brian is working on getting it cleaned up.  Darn mean people that create viruses. 🙁