I had thought that I wouldn’t put out my goals/resolutions for 2015, but Here It Goes:

1.  In 2014 I sewed up around 120 items and 140 yards of fabric.  This is my (very messy) fabric closet today.


Goal:  Quit buying so much fabric!  I am going to try to do just “specific purpose” purchases, instead of “oooooh PRETTY!”.  My work is getting more and more casual, so my dressy clothes I like to wear are looking a tad out of place.  I also have a pile of fabric cut out and plans for several other pieces.  I have enough on my to-sew list that I really don’t need to add more to it right now.

2.  In 2014 we had to buy a new washer, new microwave, new oven, and then our wine cellar cooler broke. It is still at the fix-it shop, and hopefully they will have it fixed soon, which I am sure will be much cheaper than the original $3,500 we spent on it 5 years ago.  Somehow, with that price tag, we expected it to last a little longer.

Goal: No new appliances in 2014.  The refrigerator is making sketchy noises now, so not sure that it is on board with my plan.  The TV in the living room has also been randomly shutting off, so I pretty much hate it right now.

3.  In 2014 we finished paying for the new roof we had to put on due to hail damage, and the contractor screwed us out about $500.  FYI SELA – YOU SUCK!  We are getting new windows and a new door put in  (FYI SELA – YOU LOST THAT JOB), and then this summer a new deck and patio slab.

This is what several extravagant vacations would look like:


Goal: Try to be liveable during this process.  I grew up with contractors that gave a shit, and having hired people in the last few years to do jobs for us has been frustrating.  They don’t show up when they say they will, they charge more than they bid out, and basically just piss me off.  Our windows should have gone in the first week or so of December.  Then they said the week of Christmas, and you could have boiled water with how hot my face was when hubby told me that.  They backtracked, so now, during the coldest month of the year, our house is going to be open to the elements.  Can’t wait.

4.  This summer the kids and I contracted lice from their YMCA summer camp.  We now no longer use the same brush.  We got it taken care of due to a Lice Lady franchise, and that was the best HSA money I think I ever spent.  I bought all new pillows for every bed in the house, washed EVERYTHING, and put their stuffed animals in bags outside in the garage until the hot of the summer, and then the cold of winter, killed them.

Goal: No lice at camp or school this year.  For. The. Love.

5.  After hubby left the Lice Lady he got rear-ended on a highway on-ramp.  It was a fun day.

Goal: Stay out of the body shop.  Luckily that nick in my car window doesn’t need me to go to a body shop, but since it happened this summer and I still haven’t gotten it fixed…I’m sure it will be next summer before I get around to it.  I am just going to live with the spot where I got keyed…again.

6.  In January my back went out, in July I had a surgery done on one of my girl parts (luckily it was an out-patient thing and fixed the problem), and Brian wasn’t able to walk for about 2 months or so due to some problems in both his feet.

Goal: Tell our bodies to stop getting older.  Seriously.  It sucks.

7.  So now this is the normal new year’s resolution that most people say…lose weight and exercise.  Somehow I have to figure out how to drag my tired butt out of bed in the morning and exercise.  The kids activities have taken over my exercise time.  They exercise while we gain weight.  There are several pairs of jeans that are really painful for me to wear right now.  Not even the bend and squat stretching move is working on making them wearable.  The upward scale spiral needs to stop.

Goal:  Use less butter in my cooking and exercise, dang it!

So…there you go!  Goals.