I am not a big fan of going outside when it is cold out (I obviously live in the wrong climate). However, we do occasionally venture outside for some winter outside activities…as long as they don’t take too long.

We had the kids put on their snowpants and snowboots, and off we went to see an ice castle.  To form them, they grow the icicles with water and then place them.  It takes a good month or so to get it big.  They have lights running through it, and at night they have them synchronized to music.  It is pretty interesting.

Apparently on the weekends they had a fire eater guy, and Elsa and Anna showed up occasionally.  And they had hot chocolate.  Not so on a Tuesday night during the week.  This is supposed to be the last week for it here, though, so we needed to get over there to have a look.  Not sure it was worth the $34 for the half hour of time to walk through it all (if that!), but it was very neat.