I have gone back and forth over how I update this blog and the content.  I have decided that I am going to move my crafty stuff over to another blog I have had for several years.  It was a “style blog” where I would post outfits and hairstyles and such, but it was fairly sporadic.  Hard to find time for that kind of thing.  Those posts are still up, but now intermixed with the sewing stuff.

I also just wanted to take the kiddos names out of the posts, so holy crap…talk about time consuming!  I am still working on it, too.  I haven’t had this site searchable via google, but decided I would do that on the other one as long as I took care to keep personal stuff out of it.

So…new site for my sewing stuff: Stylin Stacy

I have new posts on it with sewing stuff, too.  Some bags and costume stuff.

This site is going to go back to the original intent.  A place to share stuff with the family about our life over here.  I do a bit of that on Facebook now, so who knows how active it will be here.  Probably not too much.  I may do some content summary post once a month to show what I am sharing on the other blog, too.  In case you want to see that.

Hope to see you over there. 🙂