Another grilling recipe, whereby I try to be creative.  This is great for guests, or just your average Tuesday night.

I am not sure I would really call this a “caprese” chicken, since I used Marinara sauce on it instead of plain tomatoes. Do what you will with it, but this can give you an idea of how to work with drippy sauces on the grill.

It is important to marinate the chicken to give it some flavor, too.


1 lb chicken cutlets
1/2 cup Italian Dressing (or similar for marinade)
Greek seasoning
1 package fresh mozzarella
Basil leaves
Marinara sauce (or your favorite pasta sauce, can just sub some plain sliced tomatoes, too)

First off, marinade the chicken in the dressing/marinade for a good hour or so.  Overnight would be best to give it a good flavor.  Get your grill on medium heat and put your chicken down.  I used chicken tenderloins, but you can use full breasts – they just take longer to cook.


Add some Greek or Italian seasoning to the top.

At this point I put my marinara sauce in a little grill pot to get it warmed up before using.


I also have my mozzarella and basil leaves ready to go.


Once the chicken is cooked through on both sides, take it off the grill.


Using some heavy aluminium foil, I make a rectangular “boat” for them to sit on.  I put the sides up so no sauce hits the bottom to cause flare ups.




Put the sauce on first, then the basil leaf and then the mozzarella.



Let it melt and enjoy the goodness!