I love deviled eggs.  Apparently, I am not alone.  When I bring them out at parties, the menfolk and small children go, “Oooooh, eggs!”.  A friend that I lived with briefly also fondly remembers me making deviled eggs on random weekdays.  Not exactly a speedy snack to make, but it hit the spot!

This is basically how my mother has made deviled eggs and my adaptaption of them.  They are fairly simple and straightforward.  No add-ins like pickle relish (must be a southern thing) or anything overly exotic.  They are usually one of the first appetizers to be devoured and gone from the table. Need I say more?


1 dozen eggs
2/3 cup mayo
1 TSBP sugar
2 TBSP Dijon mustard
2 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp cream of tartar (fun fact: this is a byproduct of winemaking)
Salt to taste

To boil eggs:  Place eggs in a big pot fully covered with water.  Bring to a boil.  When it starts to boil, turn down to a low rolling boil for 20 minutes ONLY.  Use a timer.  After the 20 minutes, take them off the stove and pour out the boiling water, and put cold water in the pot.  Let sit and cool down.  Replace the water with more cold water after a few minutes.  Once cooled they should be fine to handle and break up.  My sister in law likes to drain them and then put the cover on the pot and shuffles them around to break the shells.  She says they come off so easy after that.

Once the eggs are peeled, cut them in half and put the yolks in a mixing bowl.  Add the mayo, sugar, mustard, lemon juice, cream of tartar and a little salt.  I use a hand held mixer to get it nice and smooth, but a food processor works really well, too.  Taste to make sure it is up to par and add flavors in as you see fit.

Put a gallon ziplock bag in a big cup and fold over the edges so you can spoon the mixture into the bottom of one of the corners.  Get all the mixture tucked to the bottom and then cut off the tip and pipe into the eggs.  Sprinkle a bit of paprika on the tops, chill and serve.