I spent the first few days of vacation last week working for a bit.  That was fun. Not!

Anyways, after getting a few things out the door for work, I was able to concentrate on the LOADS of sewing stuff I hadn’t been able to get to lately.

First up was finishing the teacher gifts.  I also did a few extra boy ones, since this is a great use of scraps.  They are Luggage tags and luggage handle covers.  I gave them to the teachers along with some handmade soap that I bought from a small business seller online.  It smells so good.  Good thing I ordered extra. 😉

After I finished the teacher’s gifts, I was able to focus on sewing up some stuff for the kids.  Anya has really needed some pants, so I got her three outfits sewed up the first week off.

This first outfit is made with a pink girly skull corduroy fabric that I bought a few years ago.  I originally bought it to make a dress or skirt, but she doesn’t like them anymore.  I just made a simple pair of elastic waist pants.

The shirt is a brown, sparkly light-weight knit.  I made it into a “mullet top” with the back longer than the front.  I added a ruffle along the bottom, which was the most time consuming part.  I did a rolled hem along the edges with the serger, and I used wooly nylon thread. It is a thicker thread and looks much better/thicker than using regular thread for a rolled hem.  I also added a few appliques of the skull fabric with some Heat n’ Bond.

 This next outfit is in response to Anya wanting a “sparkly” shirt.  She picked out the sparkly silver fabric, which is see through and has silver disks glued on it.  It washed up pretty well,  but I didn’t throw it in the dryer (nor do I intend to in the future).  I lined the top with a black nylon lycra, and the pants are another simple elastic waist pants made out of black velveteen.

This outfit is a warm and comfy outfit.  The top is made of a white fuzzy minky and a denim colored knit.  The bottoms are a pair of leggings with stretch denim.

 Next, I’ll get a post together on what I’ve made for Kailan. 🙂