She’s a firecracker, this one!

Last week when we were on the zoo trip, a few of the moms and I were talking about the hormonal 7 year old girls.  I had to concur!  Somedays she is great and then there are days when every little thing is an affront to her and it is THE WORST DAY EVER.  Like yesterday. *sigh*

Tonight she will have her dinner choice of Kraft Mac & Cheese, strawberries and fruit dip.  She really wanted those Bella Ballerina shoes that have the disk on the sole for spinning.  I told her I wasn’t paying that much for a pair of shoes unless it was for her birthday, so not much of a surprise for her present.

They have Book Day today at school today, so she gets an extra special outing on her BIRTHDAY.  She was very excited about that.  Daddy is even coming, too.

Happy birthday little one!