I am Stacy, officially FORTY *cough, cough* (I am I really this old??) mother of two very cute, smart and multi-talented little urchins.  This blog is my attempt at being witty whilst I detail the trial and tribulations of having two kids 17 months apart and surviving the ordeal.  It really helps that they are so dang cute.
I post a bit of everything.
  • sewing/crafty/gardening stuff
  • an occasional kid-friendly and/or highly fattening recipe
  • photos of our extremely photogenic children (why yes, I am biased…I birthed them!)
Photography is another hobby of mine, and I purchased my first DSLR (Nikon D50) in June 2006 and Nikon D300s at some point later.  My poor little D50 needs to go into retirement, but I honestly use both cameras.  I have some photography tips here.  I am also fairly proficient in Photoshop and barely knowledgeable in Lightroom.   I watermark my pictures (when I remember) because I do not want them stolen.  Please don’t use my pictures unless you ask me first – most especially those of my offspring!
I also work full-time as a CPA.
I don’t sleep much.
I love each and every comment on our website and hope that I don’t bore too badly.  Thanks for visiting!
Oh, and if you want to send me an email: stacy at thelandofka dot com.  I have zero interest in posting ads and/or hosting other’s content, so don’t bother in that regard.
This is the family (October 2013):