Our yard has a lot of flowering trees in the spring.  We have our two crabapples (pink in the backyard and white in the front yard).


 In the backyard we have three flowering lilac bushes (light purple, darker purple and white)

In the backyard we have some Lily of the Valley planted.  It’s finally starting to spread.  When we got some transplants from a friend of mine she said they were invasive.  Great!  We wanted them to spread a lot in the bare mulched area.  Alas they don’t like it as much here.   

 We have lots of yellow bearded Iris’.  There was a big overgrown patch by our front door and we moved about half of them to the back yard.

Our honeysuckle that we planted two years ago.  Each year it buds up more.

What flowering beauties do you have to share today?  🙂