Hey, I have it done on time!

Go me!

This week’s theme is an outfit for Valentine’s Day.  Anya is all about hearts, so this is a good one for her.

The top is a self-drafted top.  I drew up a heart stencil using freezer paper and fabric paint.  Then, I filled in one of the hearts using iron-on crystals and a mylar sheet (filled it in on the backside, so it was the right way when I flipped it over to iron it on).

Next, I draped white burnout fabric over the top and figured out how far over I wanted it to go.  I had to gather it up at the shoulder and at the bottom edge.  I put a band of the burnout around the bottom, and it bloused it out a little bit.

The burnout fabric sleeves are double layered flutter sleeves.

The pants were a pattern from Ottobre.  It is amazing to me, that you can use your child’s measurements and they are too short!  I had added 1.5 inches to the bottom before cutting.  I put the pattern against a pair of her jeans and the jeans were several inches longer.

Still a bit too short.  She should be able to wear them for a few months, though.


The waist was looking to be a little too big, so I added elastic into the back seam.  I didn’t do anything too fancy for these jeans.  I just wanted to make sure they fit her.

Well, I did add some glitter ribbon to the side seams.  Gotta have a little bling!  With the amount of glitter that fell off the tape, I am sure there will be some missing glitter after the first washing.  We shall see.  I can always take a seam ripper and take it off if it doesn’t fare well.

I even did a real fly…however, the seam ripper was used a few times.  This one turned out better than the last one, though, so that is a win in my book.


Now I have a good base jeans pattern to use for her going forward, with some added length.  I will also add a bit more to the back for a higher waist, too.  She said it was barely high enough when she sat down.

Now she wants a pair of purple pants…I think I have some purple corduroy.

I’m on a *small* roll.  Now hopefully I can get next week done on time! 🙂