Well, heeeeeeeyyyyyy there!

Yes…a blog post! *fist pump*

I kind of had to, though, since we have a Birthday Girl over here!


The big EIGHT years old today, and oh how excited she was for her birthday present…getting her ears pierced!

We have held off on the whole earrings thing due to the fact that they need upkeep for the first 6 weeks.  This would require one to get out of bed with more time that just getting on clothes, going pee, barely brushing hair and teeth and then eating something before heading out the door.

In the past both of us have had to go into her room several times to get her moving, and most of the time I had to pick out her clothes and dress her.

Yeah…fun times when the child is fully capable of changing her own underwear.

But…we have now progressed!

She has finally managed to evacuate the bed in the morning with a few minutes extra to be able to care for her little earlobes.

Big, big step, and she just barely flinched when they shot the earrings into her lobes.  She got the “mermaid” colored stone, so it is a pretty aqua blue.  Should go well with all the blue jeans she likes to wear now!

Happy Birthday, Princess!