I know what you are thinking…how could we be so LUCKY??  Well, truly it is a twist of fate that we live near this mecca of frog-dom.  We didn’t even have to place a foot on the unpaved side of the lake this time to encounter our little amphibian friends.  They must have sensed children near and were drawn to them.  We started out the walk this time on the rough path so we could better see the frogs before we squished them in the twilight.   If I were a betting woman I would say that we saw at least 50 frogs.

The urchins were quite fascinated in picking them up, but the poor little creatures.  Kailan would pick them up, freak out and throw them. 

Son, they aren’t cats destined to land on their feet.  Gentle please!

Of course I had to make sure the thumb-sucker extraordinaire did not put her fingers in her mouth after holding them.  I nicely explained that they were dirty because they were outside, and not because they pee on them from fright by being held by the large humans.  I didn’t quite go into that part. 😉

Slow down – you won’t see any frogs that way!


What playtimes do you have to share today? 🙂