Today I am guest posting over at Oliver & S for another tweenified version of their patterns: the Hide and Seek Tunic and Playtime Leggings.

(Yep, they gave me these patterns again.  As you know, I tend to draft my own, so I don’t buy patterns anymore for the most part.  All opinions on these patterns are my own.)

This outfit is one that I wanted to make when I first saw this pretty pin on Pinterest:

(Link here to purchase the tunic at Cupcakes and Pastries).


Oliver + S Hide and Seek Tunic/Dress


The Hide and Seek Tunic by Oliver & S is a good replica of the green tunic above.  You have the inset yoke with the “V” cut.  The tunic above is made out of a woven fabric, but I am doing a knit here.  The pattern I am using is made for wovens, though, so you could definitely use a nice linen for this top.  The green top has pleats instead of gathering and a small collar, but those are small differences.

Modifications I made to the pattern:

  • Well, I used a knit, instead of woven.  This made it fit a bit wider than she normally likes, but the knit is pretty drapey, so it doesn’t look too wide on her.  She is at the weight of a size 7 and height of a size 10, and I cut a size 10 for the lengths I needed.  I could have probably cut a width of 7 and a length of 10 to make it fit a bit closer.
  • I used Tricot Interfacing on the front and back yokes to firm them up.  I especially needed it on the front to sew on the lace, but this was a very drapey and stretchy knit.  I figured the back needed it too, to hold up the weight of the fabric.
  • I did not put in the back button placket.  It’s a knit that I sewed mostly with my serger, so with the “V” in the front, it didn’t need an opening to get it over her head.
  • Extended the arms to make it long sleeved.  I just took a shirt that fits her, and measured off the length and amount of opening I needed at the cuff.  I traced the top of the pattern piece and then extended it to those measurements.


  • Went together easily.  While I did make a few changes, the pieces fit together well and it was a fast sew.
  • If I were to make this again, I would actually make the back all one piece without back yoke with the ruffle.  I know my kid, and the extra seams back there will annoy her tender princess skin.  She shall complain and perhaps not wear it.  I know…she’s picky.  One must sew to their little urchin’s preferences or the beautiful clothes sit in the closet, unworn.

Oliver + S Playtime Leggings


Ah, leggings.   A basic building block of any girls wardrobe.  I myself own many pairs, and have my own go to pattern for them.  This is a great basic pattern, with one pattern piece which is what I like to see.  No need to do the extra cutting and have an extra side seam.

Modifications I made to the pattern:

  • Just added the lace.  This is a pretty firm knit, but if it were thinner, I would likely stabilize it with tricot interfacing or at least use Stitch and Tear behind it while sewing the lace onto the fabric.


  • It is a pretty standard legging pattern, and went together quick.  I did sew a size 12 for my leggy kid, though.  After putting the pattern against a pair of her leggings that fit her, I cut the longer size.  She’s like me.  She has a long inseam for her height.

The outfit was a tween win!


She said it was very comfy, and ended up wearing it to picture day the next day.

Comfy enough to stalk a squirrel in the woods…she’s a cat you know!


Comfy enough for ninja poses!


She went through her closet last week and informed me she needed more long sleeved shirts, so I have a task ahead of me for the next month as the weather turns frigid. I will likely be using the O+S raglan I sewed her, since that was a pretty quick sew.  🙂