Time for another World’s Toughest Rodeo!








We made sure Kai had his allergy meds before we went to the rodeo, and he was good to go!  Both kids got soda and other sugary treats so they would be able to stay up for the whole thing, as it got over around 10:30.  There was a band that played afterwards, but the kids only wanted to listen to a few songs and then we were outta there.  A fun Saturday night!


As an aside, I made Kai a new shirt for the rodeo.

It is an Oliver + S pattern, in a size 12 with the torso and sleeves lengthened 2 inches.  The shirt is short in my opinion, so I wanted it to be long enough for my long kid.  I also made his belt in the spring, but dyed it a dark brown so it would go with more things.  I now know why you need to wear gloves when dying leather.

Anya is wearing the shirt I made her in the fall out of the same pattern, only in a size 10.  It was so short on her that I knew I had to add length to it, as it won’t fit her in another few months.