Scene:  Poker night!  No Daddy, so Mommy has big plans for pictures.

Action:  Pick up kids, make pb&j sandwiches for the car, find photo worthy clothes or at least non-filthy-they’ve-been-at-daycare-all-day-long clothes.  Bring wet wipes to clean faces when we get to the park.

Cue dialogue:

Mommy:  We are going to the park tonight, okay?
K & A:  Park! We love the park!
Mommy:  Before we go to the park I need you two to change and you have to let me take pictures m’kay??
K & A:  Awwww….pictures! *chagrin*
Mommy:  You want to go to the park don’t you??
K & A:  *sigh* Okay, mommy.

**mommy rubs her hands together as she sees her evil plan work**

The Sunshine…or sunset I should say.

Our little pieces of sunshine.


What sunshiney-ness do you have for Theme Thursday? 🙂