I hope that I got some takers on my challenge for today.  I tend to swing from this type of project being narcissistic to it being a growing opportunity for me.  I set up a Flickr set for my self portrait shots, and hope to keep it going over the months if you are interest in watching it all.  I have some from last year and 2007 in there, too.  I’m thinking poker night for the hubby is going to be my standard day for getting these done.  I only really want to look the fool in front of my kids, so I’m not sure if outdoor shoots are in my future when the weather improves, either.

The shots I took for today were intended to incorporate my children, but they are willing subjects for only so long. They tend to disappear when I go to the camera to check to see if we were in focus or if the flash fired too much.  They also tended to ham it up when using the remote, since that was my carrot in order to get them to participate.  Anya declined my offer to get fancy like Fancy Nancy, but at least Kailan changed into a black shirt for me.  It’s the little battles that we win, right?  At the very least I got a spare few shots with my little offspring.


Then a few of just me…


I hope everyone had fun with this challenge – trying new things and getting some nice pictures of yourself.  I can’t wait to see what everyone has to share today! 🙂