Ah Kitty.  Our cat that actually likes people.  I know…it is shocking to find one.  I don’t know how many of you were with me when we got Kitty, so I thought I’d share her story.

Anya was afraid of animals from birth pretty much.  Nothing bad happened to her or anything.  We knew she needed to be exposed to animals to get rid of her fear, so we thought we would start small.  We wanted to get a cat, but hadn’t moved on it quite yet.  We are partial to strays and rescue animals…basically a cat from a farm litter would have been fine as long as they were healthy. 

My mom or sister (I forget which) asked us if we wanted to take in a cat that they “rescued” from the shotgun.  She showed up in the yard at my parents, along with roaming at the neighbor’s house, too.  You see, in the country stray cats don’t last too long.  They are a bit of a nuisance.  Being that my parents live in the outskirts of a college town, it is not uncommon for the idiot college grad to come to the country to let their cat out because they can’t bring it with them.  You know…instead of taking them to a pound because house cats do so well outside when they’ve been declawed.  Good thinkin’ there bud.

Sorry, I digress…

Well, they thought she was such a nice kitty that she needed a home.  She was friendly and liked people.  Although she was a bit flea ridden, she seemed like she may have been cared for by someone.  It was surmised that she may have been one of Crazy Carol’s cats.  Yes…she’s a hoarder.  We told them that we would take her, so we paid the country vet to spay her, declaw the fronts and get her all her shots.  My wonderful sister gave her a flea bath or five and then we took her home. 

She has blended in well, and is quite the cat.  Most people that come to our house say she’s the friendliest cat they’ve ever met.  She loves to cuddle and purr.  She’s got quite the motor on her. 

Anya and her have a love-hate relationship.  Kai just pretty much just ignores her.  Kitty doesn’t like it when Anya carries her (tries to anyways!) or when Anya picks on her.  She gets back at her by stealing Anya’s toys…I think she purposely steals her toys, too.   Anya also pets her and hugs her, though, too.  Obviously, she doesn’t mind Anya, too much. 



What LOVE do you have to share today? 🙂