After many times of Anya asking to be signed up for gymnastics, we finally got her in a class.  Her third class was on Saturday and I had fun watching her while she was busy.  The older girls were also doing their floor exercises to music and Anya was watching in rapt attention.

I can’t see her the whole time, as the parents on one side and they go clear on the other side for certain things.  When she got over to where I was for the last part of her class, I got to take a few pictures.  I was having so much fun taking pictures of her doing the tumbling and then having the proper before and after pose.  She’s got that down pat.   A good poser, that one.

After class her teacher came up to me and asked if it was her first time taking gymnastics.  I told her it was but that we figured she would really like it.  Her teacher said she was, “A natural” and that she would soon level out of the beginners class.  She said the bars are usually the most challenging and that Anya was doing really well on them.

This is the kid that got calouses on her hands from being on the monkey bars at school so much.  The school also tested for physical fitness.  She tested off their chart for being able to hold herself for a chin up. 

We think the bars will definitely be her favorite.

I hope she has found a sport that she will really enjoy.  We’ve tried dance and soccer, in which she didn’t try overly hard.  She does seem to try, and she definitely needs to have some outlet for her energy.

Anya being Anya, it took her one whole class before asking me to get her one of the shiny multi-colored gymnast leotards that they sold there.  In all things, one must be stylish. 😉