These two little houligans are so cute together.  They were born 4 months apart, and if you look at them together you would think they were related.  Well, his mom and I are almost relatives, and definitely good friends.

They talk about each other for days in advance of their visits, and run around together like little madmen when they are reunited.  I wish we lived closer together and their visits weren’t so infrequent.  At least they enjoy the times they have together.  Here they had gotten so hot from running around my parents’ house and jumping off the bed that they had to take their shirts off.  It’s cold here, folks.  Little houligans, I tell ya. 😉

To me, the word texture evokes more than just the literal meaning.  Figuratively, life holds many textures.  These textures give our lives substance and interest, in which our friendships are a key component in that. 


The textures I used in this were rocks and bricks, and then I used various “tattoo” brushes.  This is more of what you would call a “blend” – using different textures and brushes to create your art.

What sort of textures do you have in store today?