I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to post today.  I had no grand plan.  Since Anya has received the majority of view time this week, I wanted to feature Kailan.  What to show you, though?  I rummaged through some old CD’s I had from my film camera and found these little gems.  They were some of my favorites. 

3 months old

Every month for the first year of their lives I had a little photo shoot for them.  I didn’t take them to Picture People or Sears or JC Penny’s.  This was mommy’s job…and it was the highlight of my day when I was on maternity leave with them.  I had to do it on the EXACT anniversary each month, and I would plan their outfit changes days in advance, making sure I had enough film for the occasion.  They usually didn’t accommodate all the outfit changes before they started to get a little cranky with mommy treating them like little dolls. 

It allowed me to get some of these priceless gems, though.

yummy monkey

goofy sweet smile 

They didn’t realize it was just a small prelude of things to come.  😉

What memories do you have to share today?