Kailan has been asking, and asking, and ASKING me to make him a cushion for his room.  I have a bunch of fabric to fill it after my recent sewing binge, so I was able to fulfill his request.  Like a good Mommy. 😉

This project is really nice in that it used up otherwise wasted fabric scraps.  Fabric is also much denser than a fiber fill, so it actually gives some support when being sat upon.  The foam on the top and bottom helps to smooth out the fabric stuffing.

Here are the supplies I used:
– Upholstery weight fabric
– Pre-purchased piping (you can make your own, if so inclined)
– 1″ foam and some big pins
– Upholstery thread (stronger than regular thread)
– A basketfull of fabric scraps

Step 1:  Determine how big you want this sucker.   The circle is  “24 in diameter.   Make sure your foam will be able to fit inside that diameter, as well.


Once you figure out the diameter and cut out your circle, measure the outside edge of your circle.  To that measurement add 1″ per side for a seam allowance (gives you some wiggle room in sewing it up after stuffing it), and then figure out how tall you want it to be.  Cut out that piece.  My piece was 12″ x 72″.

Now use the circle to cut out the 2 foam pieces (one on top and one on the bottom).    The reason for using the foam is to make sure it isn’t all lumpy when you sit on it.  We are going to be stuffing it with fabric scraps, and they aren’t exactly all uniform in size.

Step 2:  Sew the piping on the circles.  Make sure to overlap your edges to the outside edge.  This took about 1 package for each circle.

Step 3:  Sew up part of the side seam – leaving the middle open.  Make sure to backtack the stitching, or it will pull out while you are stuffing it through that opening.

Step 4:  Pin and sew up the circles to the side.  Get as close to the piping stitching as you can.  If you miss it too much, just go over it again.  It helps to use a zipper foot (or a piping foot if you have that one!).

Step 5:  Turn it inside out (check to see that the piping doesn’t have stitching showing), and then put the foam on the top and the bottom.  You have to work it around a bit to get them in the right spot.  Then pin them to the top and bottom so they don’t move while you stuff it.


Step 6:  Stuff it as full as you can get it.  After making the first one, I noticed they can get compacted down a bit when sat on.  I might have to open up my first one and put more in it.  So…stuff, stuff, stuff!


Step 7:  Handstitch up the side.  Hope it looks better than mine…this fabric is hard to stitch through.

All done and ready to go into one little boy’s room.  Now hopefully he can find it next time he wants to sit on something.  I am not holding out hope, however. It’s pretty messy in there…things can be hard to find.  😉