Well, I hope you all don’t think I actually know what to post when I chose a theme…because I don’t.  Here I am on Wednesday night, yet again struggling.  I should have kept this picture from last weekend to post, but I loved it so much I had to post it right away.  I have such a hard time waiting when I really like a picture. 🙂

So, now what to choose??  I decided to go back to one of my favorites from last summer…you know when it was WARM and not snowy and cold.   I can’t wait until it is warm again!  Here is a look back at some pictures that are the style I like to achieve, with a bonus!!….our little blonde haired beauty in outfits her mommy made for her. 🙂  I actually didn’t find too many pictures of Anya in outfits I made for her…I must rectify that this year.

summer fun

birthday girl

batik beauty

4th of july 

I will have to work on making some items for my little boy, too.  I’m not too creative when it comes to boy clothes, so that is something I need to work on.

So, what stylin’ pictures do you have today?