This Spring, we will turn the little garden by the kids’ playset into a fairy garden.  It usually ends up unused and derelict all summer.  There are a few iris that have been planted, but for the most part it has been full of weeds of late.  It is in need of some love.

This is also a very wet area of our yard.  Really, it has no reason not to grow something, though it lacks watering from us…it doesn’t really need much attention.  Moss and some groundcover type of flowers should work well here.  I think the fairies would like that. 🙂

I bought a bird house that could be painted and turned into a fairy house, and Anya chose from our vast selection of paints.  I helped her paint the house, and also some furniture.  I made the wood bed, but purchased the hutch.  I also purchased some multicolored glass stones to put around the garden.

Once it warms up a little more we can start on getting everything in place.  I’ll show you pictures of the garden and other accoutrements we might find to put in there.  I have a small list of other things to make for it.

As we were painting, I saw doubt creep onto her little face.  “Did we really have wings?”

I pondered how I should answer that question.  I know all too soon they won’t believe in magic and the impossible things.  Is it that time, yet?  I hope not.  Reality will come crashing in eventually, and those little fae woodland creatures will cease to exist in their minds.

I said, “Well…I believe that the fairies gave you the wings while they were playing with you.”  I smiled, and then she smiled, and went back to painting.

Anya said, “Momma, some of the kids in my class don’t believe in fairies, but I do.”

I was reminded of the quote by Roald Dahl, and said, “If they don’t believe in magic, then they won’t see it.”

She nodded sagely, and continued creating the colorful house for her little fairy friends.


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