Spring is FINALLY in the air here.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s still a bit chilly in the morning and at night but the lakes are starting to melt.  See!

The birds are feeling happy and making their nests and eating our birdseed.

The kids are enjoying picking up sticks on our walks and bringing them home because apparently we don’t have enough sticks in our garage.

And the little bastard bunnies are yet again eating my tulips before their gentle fronds can even barely make it out of the ground.  Anyone have some foxes we can rent for our yard??  You know, I bet a puppy would find rabbits pretty interesting.   Hmmmm……

And Mommy keeps hoping to get eye contact AND a natural smile when we are out walking in the nice outside where she has good lighting.  Well, at least he looked at me.  SIGH.

Ahhhh….spring. 🙂

What have you got to share for spring?