I am a big fan of skirts.  They are comfy to wear and you still look mildly dressed up in them.  I have lots and lots of skirts.

That doesn’t mean I can’t make more, though does it??

No.  No it doesn’t.

Over the last month I made several jersey and stretch poly skirts.  I brought a few to Vegas, though it was a bit warm there for long skirts. I suffered through it, so I could wear it on the plane.  Planes are always cold.

This one was made with fabric I got sent to me from Germany from a contest I won.  I really liked the border print and wanted the border at both the top and bottom.  If I kept it just at the bottom, I’m afraid it would have been a bit too showy in the underwear department if the mostly white part was up on top.  To make this work, I cut it off in the middle and put a knit lace in it.  I also put the lace in the waistband.  Originally, I was going to make a dress out of it, but I want to be able to use the top and bottom separately.  Plus…it’s a bit of a pain to get into the dress with that big elastic center.

The color is off a bit due to the early morning light, but this is how it looks worn:

Here is one of the skirts I made, which is a 4-way stretch poly.  I also made the dolman sleeved top, as well.  Both items are a little dressy, but yet very comfy.

Here is how to make one:

I used the pattern I made for this dress, omitting the top, of course.

– Cut the top and the side of the waist piece on the fold (you will have 2 – one for the front and one for the back) and then 2 pieces for the skirt.

– Sew the skirt side seams and hem the bottom.

– Cut your 3″ wide elastic to size and sew the ends together.

– Sew the sides of the waist piece together

– Sandwich the elastic in between the folded over waist piece and then pin on the skirt, right sides together.

– Sew the seam at the waist.  Once done you can topstitch the seam, so the elastic doesn’t shift around.

Then, here are few more that I made.

Black/white jersey stripe (didn’t make the top)


Geometric…of a sort…


 That is all for now!