We had to good way to try to remember summer and warm temperatures last weekend…The World’s Toughest Rodeo!

I bought the tickets right away, and got excellent seats for us.  We were nice and close to the action, and were able to smell the horses and bulls.  This proved to be burdensome to Kai, though.  His allergies started acting up.  He persevered, though, and we stayed through the end of the performance.

There was even a reality TV star seated a few rows in front of us.  It was Jessica from Rodeo Girls.  Anthony Lucia was the announcer, and perhaps they are in a relationship or something.  We watched the first two or three episodes of the show upon getting home until we couldn’t handle it anymore.  Drama and not much rodeo.  Apparently, that makes for good TV.

At least the rodeo was a great time for us.  The kids got junk food, soda and cotton candy.  Amazing that they stayed up until past 11pm, right??

I was going to make new Western shirts for the kids, but ran out of time.  The fabric will keep until next year.  🙂

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