Theme Thursdays thelandofka 

I hope you found our new home without too much fuss and bother.  As you can see, I’m still trying to clean up the place and make it just so.  I can’t get to my old site right now, so until I do it is a bit sparse around here.  Sorry if you were unable to see the theme for this week, but it was FOCUS (as you can see above…just wanted to make sure I was stating the obvious!).  If you have a picture you want to share that doesn’t match the theme…share away.  We love looking at pictures here!  😀

Focusing on the world around me :::

Solar lights in our yard – they actually produce a lot of light…and are pretty, too!

solar lights

Crabapple in the front yard that the deer love to eat…as proven by all the deer tracks, and poop, around it.

crabapple tree

Rose bush slowing being anhiliated by the deer and/or bunnies.

rose bush

Some sun flare…still working on this type of photography. 


What have you got to share today?