Theme Thursday – Stylin’


I am curious as to what others think of as good, hang-on-the-wall-type of photography.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s a few of mine…watch out this may get long winded and boring. 

There are basically two categories of people – those that “get” photojournalistic work and those that don’t.  I think some see my photojouralistic-bent type of photography as a glorified snapshot.  There are people who like studio photography and want that featured prominently in their home and those that want more “life moments”.

I prefer my style to a JCP/Sears/Picture Picture type of portrait…obviously.  The reason I like this style, is that it simply portrays my children as they are…these curious little beings, with occassional mood swings, that are cute as heck.

I have been thinking for a few months on how to define my style.  I love the photojournalistic style mixed with occassional posing, but I have done the more “portrait sitting” type, as well.  Overall, I want to use light to create a mood and capture natural expressions.  Can I tell you how much I dislike fake smiles??

I wouldn’t put all of my photos up on the wall, certainly.  In order for me to see these types of shots as “wall worthy” there has to be a few elements to them:

  •  Great lighting overall and catchlights in their eyes;
  •  Tack sharp…or has a reason why it isn’t;
  •  Good composition, color balance, and great black and white conversions; and 
  •  A mood has been created and it evokes some sort of emotion in me.

My Favorite Fotos page has many pictures that I consider “wall worthy”, and some that are actually up on our walls or in frames.   I think those are the ones that really capture the style that I am trying to achieve.

So…your assignment for this Thursday (should you choose to take it!) is to take some shots that work towards the style you want to achieve, have achieved, or a portfolio of shots that you feel represents your best moments and showcases your “style”.

Or you could go all fashionista on us and be literal with stylin’.  Your choice!

See you Thursday!