Such are toddlers.  One moment they are all lovey and happy little creatures and the next they are telling you “No!” or screeching at you because you turned off the t.v. and want them to actually play their toys.  We are so cruel.

Exhibit  A (the before):  I’m not sure why she was upset, but I believe a sand shovel was missing.  It is apparently one that only existed in her mind, since we don’t own the one she wanted.


Exhibit B (the after):  30 seconds later.  Little Miss Mood-swings – but at least she is cute. 😉

What before and afters do you have to share today?

P.S.  If you click on the pictures you will find the SOOC images and see how massively I underexposed them.  Going in and out of the sun is quite trying on that ole’ manual exposure.  Oh, how I love Photoshop.